He hid his face from all who surrounded him. His spirit broken—torn in two by the brutal attacks: sometimes adjectives, sometimes fists. Finally he became tired of it all. It was time to end the pain.
The noose was ready, and so was the chair. Numb and without a tear, he felled the chair, and hung a foot from the ground. He kicked, he squirmed, he struggled to breath, and he regretted his decision. His life was over. The boy was only fourteen and he never experienced love, never had a job, never had a wife, and never lived. He now hung lifelessly.
It was only later that evening, when his mother returned home from work to find him dangling. From her eyes came a river of sorrow polluted by regrets of not being there enough. She thought that only if she paid more attention to her only child he would still be here.
Lucky enough for her, and lucky enough for her son, he did no go through with it. He planned to carry out his death and had everything ready to go, but he met a girl who showed him Christ. She showed him Christ’s love, mercy, and grace. She showed him that through Christ he can find purpose, love, and happiness.
Later on in life he became a preacher, and he married that same girl. He wanted to try his best to save other people because, after all, his wife saved him twice.

We are not meant to take our own life. Instead, Christ makes us a new creature in him. We must remember that the God up above is our rock and our fortress (Psalm 31:3), his Holy Spirit is our comforter (John 14:26), and his Son Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior (1 Peter 3:18). Through Christ, any sadness can be overcome, and purpose can be found. Remember those days when you seem that you are at your lowest point, God is there, holding you up, for he is your rock. His Son Jesus Christ paid the price of death for your sins, and through him, you have life abundantly. When you are burdened, when you are sad, when you are lonely, and when you think it is time to end your life, pray to the Lord. He is your healer. Amen.